Project and commission examples

Commercial heritage sector

  • Civil defence sites: Historical research and analysis of sites in Gloucestershire, Yorkshire and the West Midlands to inform building recording surveys prior to demolition and to inform  redevelopment schemes; historical research of  air-raid shelter facilities at factory premises
  • Theatres, music halls, hotels and public houses: Historical research and architectural analysis of structures in various UK locations, including Canterbury, Hastings, York, Harrogate, City of Westminster and Birmingham to inform redevelopment and renovation projects
  • Ecclesiastic: Historical research and phasing analysis of a medieval church in Chingford; historical assessent of a fire-damaged church in Manchester prior to restoration; historical research of various church buildings throughout the UK prior to renovation and/ or redevelopment
  • Industrial:  Historical research prior to renovation works at premises in the Jewellery Quarter,  Birmingham; historical research into the architectural development of an Islington foundry; historical research of former landuse at various UK locations prior to redevelopment; historic research of brewery and manufactory sites throughout the UK
  • Wind Farms: assessment of heritage assets to inform EIA chapters
  • Domestic structures: Historical research and architectural analysis has included fifteenth century merchants houses, seventeenth and eighteenth century yeomans houses, eighteenth and nineteenth century farmhouses, nineteenth century city townhouses and twentieth century housing estates
  • Transport: Historical research of former tram depots at Holborn and other London locations; historical research and architectural phasing of  former railway stations and railway hotels in major cities
  • Schools: Historical research of late nineteenth century schools in London; architectural assessment and historical phasing of former preparatory and National schools
  • Other: Historical research relating to structures including statues of Queen Anne and William Cobbett and Victorian public toilets


  • Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament): historical research in advance of conservation works on dining rooms, metalwork, St Stephens Tower and Sovereigns Entrance
  • Ripon cathedral and churches throughout UK: historical research of former intervention works, monuments and fittings for conservation specialists in advance of restoration and renovation works
  • Stonework: monuments including historical research prior to restoration and renovation of war memorials

Thematic research projects

  • Open City, London: historical and architectural assessment of the significance of churches in each London Borough for potential inclusion in the annual Open House Weekend
  • Architect practice: historical research into the history of rooflights and the history and development of roofing materials
  • New River pumping stations: historical research and architectural analysis of nineteenth century water-supply pumping stations

Charities and Trusts

  • Birmingham Conservation Trust: Newman Brothers Coffin Fittings Works, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham: Coordinating research and volunteers for the site’s interpretation plan; curating the Newman Brothers’ archive
  • Open City, London: historical and architectural assessment of the significance of churches in each London Borough for potential inclusion in the annual Open House Weekend
  • Share UK: historical research for a Polish Heritage Project Forest


Authors and Television

  • Research for authors has included topics as varied as suffragettes, Roman settlements, London’s suburbs, tin whistle manufacturing and Cornish folklore
  • Television research includes that for the BBC production Antiques Roadshow Detectives and a restoration and renovation programme